This is where we will post news from the students in Kentucky.

February 18, 2010
Today is a sunny day in Cub Run. The high for today is 48. The low is supposed to be 33. Last week we had "blizzard like" snow which is very rare for us. We missed school 3 days last week and 2 days this week because of snow. We miss because most of our students ride to school on busses. The busses have to travel curvy and hilly country roads which snow plows cannot access.

February 9, 2010
We really enjoyed Skyping with our new Kentucky friends. Here are some of our questions:
1. Does your school have a sports team?
Yes - We have a basketball and a baseball team.
2. What kind of food do you eat? for lunches, suppers?
Some of our favorite lunch foods are: pizza, sandwiches (ham and pork), macaroni and cheese, and cheese & crackers.
Some of our favorite supper foods are : pizza, spaghetti, steak, ham, salisbury steak, macaroni & cheese, chicken noodle soup, chili, and barbecue
3. What college team do you root for, Kentucky or Louisville?
Kentucky (One student likes Louisville better)
4. Where do you buy groceries? How far is the store?
Walmart (around 35 minutes away), IGA and Save a Lot(15 minutes away), Kroger (45 minutes), Amish Salvage Store (5 minutes)
5. What are the street names near your homes?
Flat Rock Road, East Gap Hill Road (name of the road the school is on), Roseburg Road, Ruth Elaine Road, Cub Run Highway, Macon-Kessinger Road, Shady Lane Church Road, Possum Trot Road and Forestville Road
6. What animals did we see in Mrs. Smith's picture?
7. What type of equipment was near Alivia's house? What are they used for?
tractor, horse & cattle trailer, and a flat bed trailer.
8. How do you mow your big lawns?
riding lawn mower or a mowing tractor
9. Do you have pets?
dogs, cats, goats, guineas, chickens, donkeys, horses, ducks, rabbits
10. Someone said they have a creek on their property? Are there fish there? What's the difference between a creek and a stream?
A creek is bigger and deeper than a stream. There are little tiny fish. There are crayfish, frogs, turtles, and insects.

Chicago students ask their new Kentucky buddies:
Our questions to you:
1. How long does it take you to get to school?
It takes anywhere from ten minutes to almost an hour for some of our kids to get to school. Most of us live close to school but our bus routes take a longer time because of our rural roads. We have lots of back roads to travel on.

2. What is your temperature today?
Today it is 40 degrees.

3. What kind of farms do you live on?
We live on different size lots and farms. For example, some of us live on a small lot and some of us live on larger farms ranging from 5 to over 100 acres. Some of us have livestock like cattle and some of us have horses. One student lives on a dairy farm.

4. How many students in your class? How many people in your school and city?
We have 20 students in our class, about 205 student from preschool to eighth grade, and 1,370 people in our community.

This is a picture of our school.
This is a picture of the name of our school.
This is a picture of our gazebo.
This is a picture of the side of our school.
This is a picture of the back of our school.
This is a picture of our gym.
This is a picture of our playground.
This is a picture of the secretary.
This is a picture of our library.
This is a picture of our principal.
This is a picture of our classroom.